Friday, March 27, 2009


Why do true baptist,rebaptise?Why would a church rebaptise a beleiver who has been previously baptised,by immersion,by Rick Warren?


Evangelist David Dunn said...

The Lord gave us two (2) ordinances, ONLY TWO! Since He only limited us to TWO don't you think we should do them right??!!

I have known many, many people who were Baptised, fully immersed, who received this baptism in something OTHER than a Baptist Church.

Don't we as Baptist's have any responsibility to KNOW that someone's Baptism IS done Scripturally?

We ask everyone who comes about their Baptism, not just a few. I have been preaching for over 23 years and I have still been asked about my Baptism, if the Church I was Baptised in was a Scriptural Church at the time I was Baptised.

It comes down to this:
What kind of Church were they Baptised in?
Where did this Church stand at that time?
Was this Church Scripturally right with GOD at the time?

What is the signifigance?
I believe that GOD expects us to conduct these ordinances with clarity, precision and a sober sense of the IMPORTANCE of what we are doing.

Sadly, in most Churches today, more importance is placed on anything BUT these two Ordinances.

God have mercy on us for "Dropping The Ball"!

llamarf said...

Elder Dunn,
What if the person was baptized in a baptist church by name and immersed.Now lets say the so called baptist church did not beleive in the ordinances as you do.Lets say they have a universal church idea that all saved are in the church.Would you rebaptise this person and why?

Matt Spencer said...

We must be careful when dealing with Baptism because it must be properly administered (Church authority, immersion, post salvation). Some will try to go to the exetremes on both ends of the spectrum. A Saddlesore church baptism would be inefficient, because they are not scripturally sound in too many areas. Does a Church have to agree in all areas of doctrine and practice to be sound? No. Do they have to believe the basics, Trinity, Diety of Christ, KJV, Independent Local Church,Salvation by grace through faith, Believers Baptism by immersion, yes. I suppose we could name a few more but without those they would certainly be in blatent error of scriptures. With that groundwork you can weed out most baptisms from other places; therefore these folks would need to be not Re- Baptized, but properly Baptized.

llamarf said...

Elders Dunn and Spencer well said.Since we are talking about ordinances,what are the proper elements of the Lord's Supper?If leavenen typlifies sin,what are the 2 proper elements to use?


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