Thursday, April 9, 2009

Issues at hand

This is the first in what will likely turn into a series of articles, in which I would like to deal with some of the issues and practices we are seeing in our day within our Churches, and the implications of them. Today I would like to start with the King James Bible. We have seen much discussion, and debate concerning the use of the AV; some of which is to the extreme, but the issue still needs to be dealt with. So what are we to use? Are we to do as some and preach from the AV and study from others? Is the AV just our preference? Do we recommend our Church members to use what they want? All these are questions many people today are having; due to the fact that they were never taught the importance of the Scriptures. We must not be wishy washy on this subject, or any other for that matter; I may not agree with what somebody does, but if they can do it with conviction and clear conscience I can hold somewhat of a respect for them. We know that not all versions can be right, or the same ( as some will say) things that are different are not the same, remember. This article could never deal with all the truths and issues that arise out of the Textual issue, but I would just like to attempt to illicit some discussion on the subject. As I have said I believe that the issue goes to the extreme, when you go as far as some to claim double inspiration, or that the original texts can be corrected with the KJV. I will not give much time to these, as they are on the fringe of the issue. What are we to use is a good question from somebody; I will always answer with straight face and clear conscience that we are to stick with the KJV, due to it being the Inspired, Infallible, Inerrant, all sufficient, Plenary, Pure, Preserved word of God for the English speaking people of the world. Why would we ever recommend anything less than this?! Whether you agree with the KJV or not,these items should be of utmost importance to you. If we are to recommend the KJV for others to use it stands to reason that we would use what we recommend. I know of some who will use the KJV as their Bible to preach and teach from, but in private will use another version. This practice is very dangerous, as what you read from another version will stick with you after you have read it. This is a very deceptive form of hypocrisy, and I believe when the vail is removed we would find that these people were really wolves in sheeps clothing, and they did not with clear conscience believe in the KJV. I use the AV due to my personal study of the matter. I do not believe any other modern version has the proper foundation in the Masoretic Text for the Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus for the New Testament; and the ones that claim to use these, have a less than desirable, modern form of the language, which is filled with slang,and not proper speech. When we look at these other modern versions we will see that they use very perverted texts, and therefore they are corrupt to the core. When we review the committees that made these versions we will find all kinds of Heretics and perverts within these committees. I do understand that King James was not an Independent Fundamental Baptist also, but I do believe that he had enough of a foundation in the Gospel to get others saved. He may not have been what we would call Orthodox, but he did have a genuine good intention in what he authorized. He made in his edict of instruction for the translators not to add any of their own flavor to what was said, but to simply translate where needed, and stick to the former translations where possible. I believe that the KJV has proven itself true over the years, and therefore I can say that it is not just my preference, but is the Absolute Complete Word of God for the English speaking world. I have found that people who hold the KJV as a preference, usually are unwilling to take a stand on much of anything else, except when it comes to standards; then they will take up arms to defend their lack of standards! I find the implications of using other versions, to tend towards less standards of righteousness within the personal life, and within the congregation, typically women in pants, men in shorts, CCM, etc. I further find that those who use other versions will tend to have less of an orthodox view concerning Soteriology, Eccliesiology, and Eschatology, all of which are very vital points of doctrine. This is not to say that all who stand for the KJV will be more conservative, and orthodox, but it is far more likely. Look well to what you see around you, and I believe that you will find these things to be true, so if we are to stay with the "Old Paths" we would be well advised to stay with the Old Book (1611).

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