Thursday, April 2, 2009

Point of salvation

I understand that there are many different opinions out there concerning the salvation of a soul, we can be sure that not all of them are right. I also understand that within our own ranks there are probably different opinions concerning it as well. One who is a Calvinist would be more likely to say that somebody can not get saved until God gets good and ready, to which I could agree to some degree, for without God drawing somebody they cannot come to Christ. But a Calvinist will also say that unless they hold out they never really got saved to begin with; thus teaching in all effect that the salvation of a soul is a process and not instantaneous. Some will say that salvation takes place when the person prays the "Sinners prayer" ( where did that come from anyway?) thus removing repentance and faith, if all one has to do is repeat the magical words. One may also say that until one makes a full repentance, and is willing to change their entire life they are not saved, thus adding, in all sincerity works if we must make the change. Some will even yet say that when one claims to believe in Christ they are saved, thus removing the draw of God, repentance, or even calling on the name of the Lord. As I have said not all of these are right, certainly though they all have a facet of the truth within them. Which one do we believe and teach? This is the most important subject concerning any man in this world, lost or saved, religious or secular, so who is right. I believe that the salvation of the soul takes place instantly, when God draws a sinner to himself (typically through preaching, witnessing, etc but not exclusively) and they are willing for God to make a new creature out of them, and by faith call on him in prayer confessing their sins before Almighty God, and ask Jesus the risen Saviour into their heart to forgive them of their sins and save their soul. I do not believe that the exact words are what is important, so long as they are calling on Jesus as their risen Saviour by faith, and ask him to save them. There are some who believe the words must be exact, but I do not.So I thus believe that salvation is obtained by the lost soul when they place their faith in him, and cry out for salvation. Thus making prayer the vehicle of their faith to Godward. (This article is written with the common understanding that we all agree that salvation is by grace through faith, plus nothing minus nothing.)

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llamarf said...

It would be good if we could here from people with Reformed Doctrine on Elder Spencers little write up."But a Calvinist will also say that unless they hold out they never really got saved to begin with"I refute this statement also,as Elder Spencer also does.I have heard a Pastor Keller of the presbiterian faith preach this statement and say salvation is a process and not a instant process.Wasnt the Apostle Paul slapped down and blinded instantly?When we were lost wasnt we dead in tresspasses and sins?We were quickened and saved?Quickening means a spiritual resurection?Lol,I think if a dead man is resurrected,he rises up instantley,and not in a 6 year process?

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